Need inspiration? Watch the video’s below to get an impression of the versatile working environment offered by the offshore industry.

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam: Offshore experience

STC Group contributed to the ‘Offshore Experience’ in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. In this Offshore Experience, you will go on a challenging search for energy from oil, gas and wind. You can experience what it is like at sea and at a depth of three kilometres underwater, where you can see for yourselves how offshore employees manage to do their spectacular jobs on the open sea. The wind at sea is always hard and waves are high. Do you dare?

Damen Shipyards:

“The best years of Robin van der Zon, Project Manager”

This graduated maritime technology student now works as a project manager at Damen Shipyards, building impressive vessels.

Damen Shipyards:

“For the transport of crew or material, quickly and safely in rivers, harbours, coastal waters and offshore. The Damen Fast Crew Supplier has the innovative Sea Axe hull form that gives the vessel unparalleled seakeeping behaviour. “

Damen Shipyards built this ship for the offshore industry. THe video shows how it is used within an offshore wind park.

Mearsk Drilling:

“Alexander joined Maersk Drilling as a trainee. He takes us through his first impressions of the work and the industry as a whole.”

This video gives an impression of the work Mearsk Drilling does offshore.